FFICM Examination

The new FFICM examination is an integral part of the assessment of the new CCT in Intensive Care Medicine and aims to allow the application of National Standards to all trainees regardless of training background.  The examination aims to build upon the success and experience of other Royal College examinations and also the best components of the FCICM (Australasian) exam, which has gained widespread recognition for its quality. 

The links below are to important areas of the FICM website:

General Information

Primary FFICM


FFICM Examination Calendar


Please find linked below guides written by senior NSAICM trainees on ‘How to pass the FFICM’

A guide to the FFICM by Dr Tom Doris

A guide to the FFICM by Dr Jo Clements


FRCA Examination

The FRCA examination is an integral part of anaesthetic training and requires a pass in order to progress to the higher training curriculum.  As such, a significant amount of ICM knowledge is required in order to pass the examination.  The final FRCA can also draw on ICM knowledge in both the written and viva parts of the examination.  The links below are to the examination area of the RCoA website where you will find further information on all aspects of the examination including calendars and past papers.

RCoA Examinations Page


Please find linked below a number of past and mock final FRCA questions on topics pertaining to ICM.  

These links will be available soon.

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