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Please find below a list of current regional ICM contacts:


Regional Advisor:  Dr Mark Carpenter

Deputy Regional Advisor:  Dr Diane Monkhouse

Programme Director (ICM):  Dr James Ryan

Programme Director (ICM & ACCS):  Dr Suzi O’Neill


Specialty Programme Coordinator  (Anaesthetics & ICM):  Trudie Heron

Specialty Programme Coordinator  (ACCS):  Jon Adcock


The following is a list of the regional ICM College Tutors their with contact details:


Darlington Memorial Hospital:  Dr Avinash Ratnaparkhi

University Hospital of North Durham:  Dr Chris Dawson

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead:  Dr Vanessa Linnett

Royal Victoria Infirmary  (Wd 38):  Dr Kaye Cantlay

Royal Victoria Infirmary (Wd 18):  Dr Alan Sweenie

Northumbria Healthcare Trust:  Dr Rob Whittle

James Cook University Hospital:  Dr Ian Hunter

City Hospitals Sunderland:  Dr Peter Hersey

Freeman Road Hospital:  Dr Jon Davidson   

University Hospital of North Tees:  Dr Vijay Jagannathan 

Cumberland Infirmary:  Dr David McColl

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