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The ‘official’ ICM logbook was first released as an excel document, originally by the ITBICM and later by FICM.  Until recently these logbooks were freely available to download, however, due to the plans for a new official (and hopefully ePortfolio integrated logbook) they have subsequently been removed from the website. 

The majority of Deaneries therefore rely on locally produced logbooks.  However, the FICM hold no strong stance on which logbook should be used as long as the data entered within it is able to populate the FICM logbook summary document (attached below). 

For the purposes of the NSAICM ICM ARCP and therefore training progression, trainees are expected to produce a summary of their ICM activity that can be distilled into both the FICM summary document and the NSAICM ICM ARCP document. 

We are very lucky in the Northern Deanery to have Dr Pete Hersey who has produced two excellent logbooks (one for anaesthetists and one for Intensive Care Medicine trainees) which the NEICS support the use of by our trainees. 

The up to date version of the current log book can be found via the following link:

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