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NEICS constitution


North of England Intensive Care Society (NEICS)
As amended 28th March 2017


The name of this organization is the North of England Intensive Care Society.


The objectives of this Society are to promote the art and science of Critical Care medicine through the exchange of information and dialogue among physicians; and professions allied to medicine.


NEICS shall consist of individual members. Membership shall be granted as follows:

  1. Active members: Physicians in relevant specialties
  2. Affiliate members: Professions Allied to medicine working in acute or critical care areas
  3. Honorary members (retired physicians, allied professions, other selected individuals by Committee vote)

After due notice (30 days) and hearing (30 days), the Committee may censure, suspend, or expel any member for a violation of the Constitution or the Principles of Medical Ethics, or for unethical or illegal conduct.


The legislative and policy-making body of the Society is the Committee, composed of representatives of the Society.
The Committee shall transact all business of the Society not otherwise specifically provided for in this Constitution.


The lead officers of this Society are: President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
They are supported by the following delegated roles:
Website and social media lead, Meeting lead, Seminar meeting lead, 2 non-medical representatives and 4 trainee representatives

Their terms of office shall be as follows:

Tenure of office: Five years with an 18 month probationary period, and with renewal on a basis of mutual agreement.

Duties: President. The President shall: (1) preside at all general meetings of the Society and of the Committee; (2) serve as a member of the Committee
Secretary. The Secretary shall: (1) keep minutes of the proceedings of the general meetings of the Society, and of meetings of the Committee (2) notify members of meetings, (3) provide for the registration of members at general meetings of the Society and keep a record of such registration; and (4) serve as a member of the Committee.
Treasurer. The Treasurer shall (1) serve as a member of the Committee; (2)
maintain the records of and demand and receive all funds due the Society,
including bequests and donations; deposit these funds in a depository approved by the Committee; and keep an accurate record of all funds of the Society; (3) present a budget of necessary expenses of the Society for the following year to the Committee for its approval, normally at the regular Spring meeting, and pay all bills within the scope of the approved budget; (4) pay bills not within the scope of the approved budget only on order of the Committee; (5) be in a position to subject the accounts of the Society to external examination by auditors if required.

Website and social media lead, with responsibility for NEICS website and interaction with social media
Meeting lead, Seminar meeting lead, rotating roles responsible for organising Spring, Winter and evening seminars.
Trainee representatives Responsible for promoting NEICS for trainees in the region, linking committee work, meeting content etc.with other trainee activity in the region.
Non-medical representatives. Responsible for promoting NEICS for non-medical staff, linking committee work, meeting content etc. with the needs of non-medical membership.

If an Officer dies, resigns, ceases to be a member in good standing of the Society, or for any other reason cannot assume the duties of his or her office, the president (or Secretary if the President is indisposed) may appoint another member, who must also be an active member of this Society, to serve in his or her place during the balance of the term or during the disability or absence, as circumstances may dictate.


The Society shall hold scientific and educational meetings at such places and times as the Committee may determine. The Secretary shall give each member adequate notice of this meeting (12 weeks or more).

Annual General Meetings
A General meeting of the Committee, open to all NEICS members shall be held annually (usually after the Spring NEICS meeting). The Annual statement shall be discussed at this general meeting.


Funds for conducting the affairs of the Society may be raised: (1) by attendance fees for educational meetings from the members of the Society as the Committee may determine; (2) by sponsorship by pharmaceutical and similar companies in support of educational activities; (3) by voluntary contributions, devises, bequests, and other gifts; and (4) in any other manner approved by the Committee.
Expenses of the Society may be those dispensed in the course of directly providing educational meetings (Necessary expenses). Other allowable expenses may be incurred by NEICS members in support of the Society. These allowable expenses shall include: entertainment fees for invited speakers and catering during organising meetings (typically twice a year).
The Financial management of the organisation will be independently assessed annually by an external accountant appointed for this purpose, and their report presented at the Annual General meeting of the organisation at the close of each Spring meeting
In the circumstance of dissolution of the Society, such funds remaining after resolution of outstanding expenses shall be distributed as follows: equal shares to each of the charitable funds in the Intensive Care units within the Northern Region, to be used only for improvements in patient care.


This Constitution may be amended in any meeting of the Committee by a two-thirds vote of the Committee members present and voting. A minimum (quorate) number of representatives for such meetings shall be eight.